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November 26, 2020, 12:40 am

Crowds of visitors in the Kasaban of BSCIC

  • Update Time : Friday, November 6, 2020
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The raft of white clouds floats in the blue sky of autumn. Many poems and songs have been written about this. In fact, so be it. The beauty of autumn can now be seen in many parts of the country. Similarly, in Jhalakati BSCIC industrial city, such an amazing decoration of nature has been noticed. That’s why many people are running there to get entertainment.

In this new entertainment spot, the visitors are mingling with the flowers. Mete takes pictures on camera or mobile phone. Again many short film producers came to make short films.

The effects of global warming and climate change on nature are losing their original form; Then, if you look inside the BSCIC industrial area of ​​Jhalokati, you can see white cashew flowers swaying in the wind under the blue sky. That kashabana has become a picture painted by the artist!

In the autumn afternoons, people from different walks of life often flock to the forest to get some peace from nature, leaving behind the mechanical environment and ignoring the sun and rain. The Kashavan here makes anyone’s mind overflow. As soon as you enter the BSIC industrial city in the area adjacent to the banks of the Sugandha river, there are cashew flowers all around, the body-mind breeze on the banks of the river.

So, ignoring the intense afternoon sun, someone is sitting in the forest and talking. Someone is taking a picture of himself again. And it can’t be finished by talking about the falling afternoon. The crowd of visitors gradually increased.

Visitors to Kashabane said, ‘The feeling of wandering along the banks of the Sugandha River, which flows along the fair of white and green, is different. The white color of this cashew flower with white clouds also makes the mind white. Autumn Jhalokati has decorated the BSIC industrial city in a beautiful way.

They also said, ‘Visitors of different ages are rushing to touch the cashew flowers, ignoring the sun and rain in the autumn afternoon. The shelf of Jhalakati BSIC industrial city adjacent to the bank of Sugandha river has turned into a fair of white and green.

At this time of autumn, school-college students and old people from tender-hearted children to white and green are united. Thoka Thoka Kashaban plain town Jhalokati has given a new look to the BSCIC industrial city. This is like a wonderful gift of nature.

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