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November 26, 2020, 1:35 am

University postponed exams online

  • Update Time : Friday, November 6, 2020
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In the Corona situation, the postponed exams of the public university will be taken online. A software is being developed for this, through which you can participate in the test offline.

After a meeting of the Public University Council on Saturday, the matter was confirmed to Jago News by the Vice President of the University of Engineering and Technology, Prof. Dr. Rafiqul Alam. The Vice-Chancellors of 48 public universities of the country participated in this virtual meeting.

According to meeting sources, the public university has been closed for the last seven months due to the Corona situation. This has created the fear of creating a new session jam. To avoid this crisis, online classes have been started in public universities under the direction of the Ministry of Education, but it is not possible to take semester exams.

It is learned that a software is being developed to take the suspended test. Bangabandhu Digital University Vice-Chancellor Prof. This test will be taken using the software invented by Monaj Ahmed Noor.

When asked, Professor Monaz Ahmed Noor told Jago News that a software is being developed for taking the semester exams of the university. It is named ‘Proctor Remote Exam System (Procus)’. It will be possible to take admission test and internal academic test using it.

He said that through this software, students will be able to participate in university exams at home. An app will be created for this. It will be downloaded on mobile or computer and will take part in off or online test. Video, audio and still pictures of the position of the automatic examinee will be uploaded before the start of the test. It will not be possible to adopt any kind of dishonesty as everything will be recorded. If anyone tries to do so, it will be caught by video and audio. If such evidence is found, his test will be canceled.

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