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November 26, 2020, 12:32 am

Our little Indian, the question was. Jafruldular

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Founder and Trustee of the Public Health Center. Jafrullah Chowdhury said that India has created Rohingya problem. Because Bangladesh had an agreement with China. If this agreement was implemented, the distance with Beijing would be reduced a lot. We have backed down from India at the last minute despite the agreement. Why do we love India so much? What is the friendship with India? How much more will I give him? ‘ A question on the arrest and harassment of journalists, politicians and various professionals under the Digital Security Act at the Dhanmondi Public Health Nagar Hospital auditorium on Thursday (September 24) He said this in reply. Dr. Zafarullah said, ‘When the Rohingyas first came, the wife of the President of Turkey came. Malaysia, Indonesia were all Muslim states. Then we said ‘bye literally’ (literally). There is no ‘by literal’ between Brahmins and Namasudras. India is a Brahmin Nawab, they are reluctant to accept anyone else. They can’t accept that anyone else is their equal. He further said that the Rohingyas have reached our necks today by telling them ‘bye literally’. What am I doing wrong again today, I am giving them to Bhasanchar. In order to relocate them, they have to be placed at the Assam border in Sylhet. Dr. Nurul Haque Nur. Zafarullah said, ‘I am very sad that our VP Noor, if he has done wrong, he will be judged. So harassment cannot be said. You don’t let him out, it’s not. Anarchy is going on in the country because people are not being allowed to go out. ‘ In response to a question about expatriates said. Zafarullah said, “We are running on our tricks, suits, pants and coats with the money sent by the expatriates.”

I told them that one crore of our workers are abroad when they come to Corona. I have asked the government to ensure their jobs. They have sent us money for so long, now the government should send them millions of dollars. The government has to come to an agreement with those countries. If you want to know whether the research on public health insects has been suspended or not. Jafrullah said, ‘It has not been postponed, but it has been slowed down. If this research cannot reach the public, then who is it for?

I do not benefit from printing the name on the paper! We need to protect the interests of the people. If the government approved, we would get rid of every insect. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. ” “What is harassment?” Bijan Kumar Sheel has to go there (Singapore) and apply. Today, five lakh Indians work in Bangladesh. Dr. Bijan will not be able to work even if he is a Bangladeshi. He has to go to Singapore and apply for a work permit. Its name is harassment. Don’t give up. Now he has to spend money. He left his job. Who will pay for it? ‘Dr. “Why is the government harassing us so much? We are a charitable trust. I have to get a government registration, a laboratory registration, an X-ray department, a dental. We have to pay 10 lakh rupees a year. Even then registration is not done. ‘ “If this bureaucracy does not end now, the people of the country will only be harassed,” he said. The only reason we didn’t approve of the worms was because we didn’t pay anywhere.

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